Compay Segundo- International Masters of Music 2

Cuba has a very rich musical history for a small country. One of the greats of Cuban music is Compay Segundo, a singer, music writer, and guitarist.  We feauture Compay in our International Masters of Music because of his large repertoire of music he has performed and written. Born as Máximo Francisco Repilado Muñoz, Compay…

San Francisco, City by the Bay Yeah

Why San Francisco? Because it is a beautiful city! Get it, got it, good! It’s hard to find a city surrounded by water like San Francisco that isn’t beautiful. It’s San Francisco, City by the Bay Yeah. That’s the words of the song by the famous group Village People.

San Francisco is centred on the southern point of the entrance of the San Francisco Bay on the coast of California, and is famous for the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz Island, it’s trams and the spectacular views that can be seen while rising or descending it hillsides. (more…)

How to Speak Like A Pirate

  Ahoy mi hearties. Today we be learnin t’ speak like ye olde sea dog. Harrrrgh! Aarrr! To be speakin like a sea dog we be needin t’ learn some sea dog speak, Savvy? 1 T’be startin ye be needin a pirate voice Yarr!!!! Be sayin stuff like Yarr, Arggh t’ fill up t’words, Savvy…