Sick mate? Today our lesson is to make you full bomb on Aussie Surf Slang. What is it that makes Surf Slang so distinctive? Well as a sport, it has many functions that needs words to describe what’s going on. Aussie surf slang, is the surf slang which is distinctive to the Australia surf scene. We’ve provided with a list to get you started.


  • A tube as it was formerly known is when the wave encloses you and you are inside it with the opportunity to exit. This is the most prized manoeuvre in the sport. It’s sometimes called a pit, a barrel, a keg, or the green room. So therefore the action is pitted, barrelled, in the green room.
  • a leg rope– the piece of cord that holds the board to your leg so it doesn’t get away, in America it is called a leash. So if you are in Australia, remember the word  leg rope whenever you need the help of one.
  • the impact zone– the exact place where the waves are breaking. It is a difficult place to get past, so a surfer might get caught for a long time in the impact zone and find it hard to get back out.
  • go over the falls– a great manoeuvre where you lose control and go downwards with the wave